Castle Creek Christian Academy - Character. Integrity. Leadership.


Our philosophy is to reach the hearts and minds of the children within our community.  It is our mission to reflect a love for God so that their lives can reflect His love to others.  Through teaching, modeling, and interaction, we pledge to build a bridge of love and nurturing so that each child can reflect their individuality to their fullest potential. 


Castle Creek uses the A Beka curriculum, a Biblical-based curriculum instituted out of Pensacola, Florida.  The A Beka curriculum offers teaching in reading-readiness, through Phonics, Mathematics, Social Studies, Sciences, and Bible teaching.  A Beka is a structured curriculum which is teacher-led, setting a foundation of learning through a classroom setting.   Our curriculum is supported by extracurricular "Specials" classes which are a part of your child's weekly routine.  These Specials include Spanish, Music, Art, Biblical Character-Building, and Fitness Club.  The CCCA program builds a strong foundation, with which individual potential is maximized. 


Our new 9,000 square foot facility provides child care services for up to 180 students.